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Hürzeler / Zuhr Master Class 1: Microsurgical Training

München, Deutschland
September 17th - 19th 2020
Prof. Dr. Markus Hürzeler, Dr. Otto Zuhr


- oral soft-tissue wound healing

- flap design

- microsurgical suturing techniques

High-power magnification requiring a surgical microscope is rarely necessary in the oral surgical procedures performed today. The dimensions of most standard microsurgical instruments and sutures, particularly those used in periodontal and implant surgery, require only 4.5X to 6X magnification. Therefore, standard loupe systems provide sufficient magnification in the majority of cases.

In view of this, why should you take a three-day course devoted exclusively to surgery under the microscope using magnifying powers as high as 20X?

The answer is simple: This course module will boost the success of your future surgical work because the fact that successful surgical outcomes are largely dependent on the manual skills of the individual surgeon has not changed. Regardless of your current level, this course will push you to your limits, thereby providing exactly the right impetus you need to effectively and sustainably train and enhance your manual skills. During these three days of training, you will build the foundation needed to successfully complete all of the remaining Hürzeler/Zuhr Master Classe