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Hürzeler / Zuhr Master Class 8: Interdisciplinary Approaches

München, Deutschland
July 16th - 18th 2020
Prof. Dr. Markus Hürzeler, Dr. Otto Zuhr


- Orthodontic tooth movement in periodontally compromised patients

- Gingival augmentation before and after orthodontic treatment

- Ridge augmentation by orthodontic tooth movement

- Gingival alignment by orthodontic tooth movement

- Implants used for orthodontic anchorage

- Treatment of perio-endo lesions

- Esthetic crown lengthening

- Pontic site development

- Papilla reconstruction and restorative compensation of missing interdental tissues

- Synergistic cooperation with dental hygiene staff

Periodontal and peri-implant surgical interventions are only small pieces of a comprehensive jigsaw puzzle when it comes to successfully addressing complex and individual patient demands in daily clinical routine. Managing the interfaces between periodontology and implant therapy as well as neighboring disciplines such as prosthetics, orthodontics, endodontic treatment, restorative dentistry and maxillofacial surgery is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges in modern dentistry today.

For this reason, this module is dedicated to surgical procedures at the border to other dental disciplines, like orthodontic implant placement or gingival augmentation before and after orthodontic treatment, pontic site development or esthetic crown lengthening before prosthetic treatment or papilla reconstruction in combination with restorative dentistry. Furthermore, it will touch on important connections, for example, endo-perio lesions, gingival alignment and defect augmentation by orthodontic tooth movement, closure of black triangles with interdental composite restorations after periodontal therapy, prosthetic concepts in periodontally compromised dentitions and, most importantly, sustainable strategies during regular maintenance care. Last but not least, this course is about communication, timing, treatment planning and team-building as the final steps towards becoming a true master clinician in periodontology and implant dentistry.