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Osteology Workshop 4: Mechanosensitive Surgery in the Field of Periodontal & Peri-implant Management of the Oral Mucosa

ICC Pyrmont Theatre Meeting Room Level 2
Sunday 21st June 2020
Hands-on Workshop
Prof Rino Burkhardt

New insights into structural anatomy of the oral mucosa and the biological processes support the hypothesis that control of flap tension is crucial for optimal wound healing. On the other side, there is evidence in the literature that clinicians cannot control flap tension without training of their psychomotor and visual-spatial skills, especially when tensions are low.


It is the goal of the present hands-on course to evaluate the variability of applied flap tensions of the individual trainee and to present bench models how to practice the control of flap tension. Additionally, based on clinical situations, we will show the participants how biomaterials can help to increase wound stability and influence the tensions applied on wound margins.


The course is focused on skills training in mucosal surgery and on selection of the biomaterials based on clinical models.


Hands-on training (contents)

- flap design and mobilisation

- training of visual-spatial skills

- control of flap tension in wound closure

- suturing – techniques and training of hand precision and bi-manual coordination

- introduction into periodontal keyhole surgery